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Core Hospital Challenge, Amphia Ziekenhuis

Investment: 220 million

Key data: target 833 beds

Period: 2011-2016

Within the context of the business plan development for the Amphia  Ziekenhuis, Lausanne Health and Hospitality group developed a development variant with the focus on business design.
The concept idea fitted into the global efforts for a business plan developed by 4 building consultants.
LH2 shows the possible development and also area reduction concepts in order to reduce the total investment requirements.

The EMBRACEplan concept allows simulating revenue scenarios of the different planning variants in order to visualize the long term business validity of the individual development options.


Marcus Haefeli
E: marcus.haefeli@LHtwo.com
M: +4178 618 7471

Markus Haefeli is a specialist in both the health sector and in the financial business. He studied in Bern and Stanford and holds a MBA from Berne University. After being a senior financial analyst for Procter & Gamble; Switzerland, Markus spent ten years in senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry in Asia as the CFO and later CEM of Zuellig Pharma, a multi billion Dollar company headquartered in Hong Kong. He subsequently became the COO of a leading private hospital group in Switzerland and is now Managing Director of Parazelsus Ltd with the focus on healthcare sectors with consolidation opportunities in markets with strong long-term growth potential.