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Joint Business Case, Otto Wagner Spital, Vienna

Key data:
540 hectar site

315 hectar to
reassign for new functions


The Otto Wagner Hospital is a classic pavilion hospital which was built in 1907.

In recent years a concentration process of health services on the site have taken place in the western part of the large site.
Various alternatives have been considered by the city of Vienna including the sale of the eastern wing.

The proposal of a Joint Business Case by Lausanne Health and Hospitality Group and the INSEAD business school, Fontainebleau led to a concept with activities close to the medical field which allows maintaining the ownership with the hospital.

The concept combines high profitability with the protection of valuable long term development strategies for the hospital.
The business concept offers an opportunity that the valuable site has not to be sold.


Tom Guthknecht
E: tom.guthknecht@LHtwo.com
M: +41 79 4468424

Tom Guthknecht has worked during the last 20 years in health and hospitality planning and was leading major projects in Europe and Asia/Pacific. Tom is currently involved in large international health and hospitality projects with special focus on sustainable development. He is member of various institutions such as the International Commission of Occupational Health. He is also the Founder and President of LHtwo, Lausanne Health and Hospitality Group.

Tom is lecturer for Health Facility Design at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Zürich (ETHZ) and has taught as professor functional design, creativity and innovation and health& hospitality at EHL and GIHE both on undergraduate and graduate level. He has also a range of other teaching activities at various institutions. His research focus is on Integral Process Design in health and hospitality facilities. He is a graduate of Karlsruhe Technical University in Architecture (Dipl.Arch.) and holds an M.A from University of North London (Health Facility Planning) a PhD from University of Stuttgart (Hygiene Planning for Hospital Architecture) and a habilitation (post-doc research) from ETHZ.